Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Imbolc Update

Stonehenge workers' village found
Amazing discoveries in the Henge complex! It seems they celebrated a mid-winter festival! Thank you, Goddess and God, for a great Imbolc reminder:

...Stone tools, animal bones, arrowheads and other artifacts were uncovered in the village. Remains of pigs indicated they were about nine months old when killed, which would mark a midwinter festival...

February (2007) Skies

Over at Cloudynights, there's a great summery of what's going on up in the sky this month. Also some more information on the Moon:

...The Full Moon of February is the "Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, or Hunger Moon". It is just above the ecliptic, between Leo and Cancer and occurs at 12:45 AM EST on Feb. 2nd. It was the "Trapper's Moon" for Colonial Americans, "Moon of Ice" for the Celts, and the "Budding Moon" in China. In medieval England, it was known as the "Storm Moon" and the Anishnaabe (Chippewa and Ojibwe) designate it as "Namebini-giizis" (Sucker Moon). Since sucker runs start when the ice breaks up on small tributaries of the Great Lakes watershed at the end of winter and beginning of spring, the Anishnaabe may have anticipated an early spring in their naming of the February Moon...

Besides some of the suggestions I posted about below, you can also include gardening tools you intend to use this spring for your ceremony. If you have seeds you wish to plant, include them in your circle.

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