Monday, June 25, 2007


Sorry folks...

Years ago, I had a very serious back injury. I've been OK for a number of years, but recently re-injured it. I've had to devote all my energies to healing. The good news is, it seems no serious damage was done, and I'm on the mend. So I should be back to form in a few days.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Goddess Visits USA

In a City of Power Brokers, a Young Visitor Who Is Truly Worshipped

In Nepal, The Goddess Kali is believed to incarnate in certain chosen young girls. Sajani Shakya is one such 10 year old Goddess, and she's touring the USA to promote a documentary called "Living Goddess":

...WASHINGTON, June 13 — Even by the standards of the luminaries who sweep through Washington, the little girl in front of Lafayette Elementary School almost six miles north of the White House was special. Politicians, power brokers and the occasional celebrities who come through town hope to be respected and maybe, in a childlike place in their grown-up hearts, genuinely liked. Sajani Shakya, 10, is worshipped. In Nepal, Sajani is a living goddess, one of about a dozen such goddesses in her homeland who are considered earthly manifestations of the Hindu goddess Kali...

...Devotees believe that the goddess Kali inhabits the girls, though they do not exhibit unusual behavior, and then the goddess leaves them when they reach puberty. After that, the girls retire with a small pension. They are free to work and marry.

“...The idea of virginal, premenstrual purity, it does seem like a contradiction with worshipping a feminine divine,” said Rachel McDermott, associate professor in the department of Asian and Middle Eastern cultures at Barnard College, “but in all this, there is the devotion to purity....”

One school boy asked if there are boy Gods. Apparently there are, but they are not worshipped like the girls. Ishbel Whitaker, director of a documentary about the girl Goddesses added:

"...And one day year, all the girls are worshipped as goddesses..."

Smart people, those Nepalese!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Kabala, The Game

Kabala: The Game that Foretells the Future
I wish I had this game when I was a kid! Not only could it foretell the future, it glowed in the dark! It must have been light years better than the Evolution vs Intelligent Design game. I mean, with Kabala, you are trying to predict the future--not reinvent the past! Glow in the dark games such as Green Ghost and Kabala had their heyday in the 1960's. One thing I love about the Kabala game, is that the centerpiece on the game board reminds me of the creature in Atomic Submarine.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Liberty U Student hits Big Time

Virginia: Liberty University Student Held

It's pathetic how the MSM is ignoring this story. At the risk of pointing up the obvious, if he was Muslim, I'm sure the media would be all over him. But since he's an Absolutist Xtian attending a Dominionist University, he gets a free pass. But not from this judge:

...Troubled by testimony showing support for Nazis, gang connections and plans for violence, a federal judge ordered a Liberty University student held without bond on a charge of possessing a napalmlike bomb...