Friday, January 26, 2007

Diana's power is growing, growing

Mr. Wes Higgens is an amateur astronomer who takes stunning pictures of the Moon. His picture "Sinus Iridum" is one of the most remarkable pictures of the Moon I have ever seen. It looks more like a picture taken during an Apollo fly-over, than from someone's backyard. For this shot, he won Cloudynight' s monthly Astrophotography and Sketching contest. For a higher res version, go here.

The Moon holds special significance for Wiccans and many Pagans. From The Witches Almanac (Spring05/06):

Life takes an added dimension when you match your activities to the waxing and waning Moon. Observe the sequence of her phases to learn the wisdom of constant change witing complete certainty.

Following the Moon through it's cycle is a great project for an amateur astronomer and budding Wiccan. Want some help knowing the whether Moon is waxing or waning? Learn this simple and elegant poem (also from the Almanac), and you'll always know:
A New Moon rises with the Sun
Her waxing half at midday shows,
The Full Moon climbs at sunset hour,
And waning half the midnight knows.

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