Saturday, March 20, 2010

Samantha, please blink this AWAY!

Turning the Witch-Hunter into a Hero

I saw this on WildHunt. The plot for a potential (in development) film depicts Witch-hunters as heroes:

...The protagonist is one of the last remaining witch hunters, a breed that keeps the population of witches and warlocks in check. They are about to repopulate in a major way unless he can stop them...

Jason at WildHunt rightfully comments:

...So let me get this straight, the historical figures who tortured, killed, and accused innocent men and women of being “witches” and “warlocks” are being revamped as broody anti-heroes trying to save humanity from real-live witches? What’s next? A film where heroic cops raid gay bars for the good of America? Films set in the old west where Native Americans are turned into villains again and again...?

Elizabeth Montgomery must be spinning in her grave.