Sunday, July 18, 2010

2012 Mayan Calendar scam

Few things piss me off more than charlatans hawking end-of-days crap. As I've said before, I feel the fact certain people in the New Age and Pagan/Wiccan world support this nonsense is something to be ashamed of. Dark Star has a great post over at DailyKos, "Apocalypse Soonish", about a true villain in this hoax--which happens to be The History Channel:

...Having a channel called the History Channel running a nearly non-stop stream of this lunacy is a true disaster, and one for which we don't even have to wait till 2012. By mixing in these fear fests with actual bits of history, they are doing more make it impossible for people to distinguish between fact and fiction than all the gibbering pundits of AM radio combined. They are, quite simply, the purveyors of the most harmful bullshit on television. If someone does harm themselves out of fear about impending disaster in 2012, I hope that their friends and family look very closely at where they got such ideas....

Good suggestion. But I wonder if family and friends of the whole Hale-Bopp/Heaven's Gate suicide cult (here, and my post here) held some of the radio and Internet conspiracy spinners accountable?