Friday, February 4, 2011

They are at it again

Ugh, Xtians trying to convert Wiccans:

"Whether spellwork is effective or not," writes Dodd, according to The Telegraph, "has no bearing on the psychological damage that can be done to a young person who is convinced that they have summoned the dead, or have performed a spell that has hurt or injured another."

Oh yeah, all us Wiccans are summoning the dead and casting evil spells! As the author claims to be an Ex-Wiccan, I'd like to know what tradition she is from, as it seems they did not practice Wicca. But what's really strange is the comment "Whether spellwork is effective or not...". That seems to harken back to the early days of Xtianity, where the Apologists did not discount--out of hand--the efficacy of spellwork or influence of the Gods.