Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pagan Conference in Pougkeepsie, NY

EtheraCon-a Pagan Conference

EtheraCon is coming to Upstate NY. This con features speakers, workshops, and a very cool dealer's room. This will be the first year I'm attending, and I've heard nothing but good about it. Here's just a quick example of two workshops/classes:

Celebrating the Pagan Soul - Laura Wildman
Our stories of transformation and community A book reading. Celebrating the Pagan Soul is a collection of personal experiences, magical tales and insights. Including stories from both those who are well known within the Pagan Community along with experiences of individuals whose smiles appear only on the fringes of Pagan circles, it offers a unique view into the fascinating, and usually private, lives of Witches, and Pagans. Come relax, unwind and enjoy listening to a few very personal and incredible Pagan experiences.

Gods, Demons, and Imaginary Friends - Philip Farber
(Whether You Believe in Them or Not) Are you familiar with the recent discoveries concerning human neurology which suggest that the magical operation of evocation - contacting and communicating with spirits - has a biological basis? Our gods, demons, angels, loas, and imaginary friends are there for reasons beyond the obvious. Don't let them tell you you're crazy if you talk to your imaginary friends; come to this workshop and learn new, exciting, and practical ways to play with and learn from our less corporeal colleagues.

Sounds great! I hope to attend Saturday.

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