Sunday, December 17, 2006

Our God is a ...small God?

Intelligent Design and the Tame Lion

I wish more Xtians who think the Religious Right's embracing of Creationism (aka: ID) is dangerous would speak-up. Fairling's Parish has an excellent post arguing against Creationism based on religious grounds:

Intelligent Design encapsulates what I am coming to think is wrong with the extreme evangelical church as represented by certain influential groups in America, and the danger of the milder evangelical tradition in which I was brought up. It is a confidence in knowing God which leads to a false and in the end patronising confidence that therefore you know what God is like...So the evangelical willingness to pray to God about tiny things, like “where is my pencil case?” (a favourite of my childhood) is on the one hand a willingness to let God into every corner of my life and a belief in his total love for me, and on the other hand has a danger of my making up narratives to wind God into in order to control him...

A true and good read. I don't understand why so many Xtians envision their God as small, limited, and anthro/ethnocentric. All "He" cares about is the nitty gritty of our lives (like, if we're gay or something), and the rest of the Cosmos be damned! Real strange, that one.

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