Thursday, December 28, 2006

Adopt a Polar Bear

The Polar bear is about to be protected. The sad image of a Polar Bear, drowning in the mud, has become an amulet to hang around the necks of those who still deny global warming. It's fitting that this majestic and powerful animal may bring about a sea-change in our willfully ignorant government. Besides the bear, the loss of polar ice will have a devastating impact on all polar species, such as penguins and seals. But we can help now, even before our woefully inept government gets goaded into action. Adopt a Polar Bear!!!:

By adopting a polar bear for yourself or for someone you care about, you are helping WWF safeguard the polar bear's Arctic home, understand and reverse the deadly effects of climate change on polar bears and work toward eliminating toxic pollutants in the Far North

What a great gift idea! Yeah, I know this is somewhat symbolic, but it's a great way to help out the WWF and the Polar bear. This Yule, give a gift back to the Earth. Don't you think she deserves it? Not only that, for a measly $40, you can feel like you just screwed the Theocons, ID'ers, Dominionists, and other Earth-haters, all for just $40! Feels good, doesn't it?

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