Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Eclecticism is a Good Thing!

Eclecticism In Wicca

Great article about the concept of science and eclecticism in Wicca:

All Wicca must be eclectic because it is a religion that is by nature both Gnostic and scientific – it is never enough for a Wiccan to accept statements about the nature of reality "on faith," and stop there, as is the rule in many non-Wiccan religions. The Wiccan practitioner, before accepting any belief, practice, code of conduct etc., must personally experience those concepts to hold true or be of value in reality. What does not work, what does not prove to be true in experience, must rightly be jettisoned...This style of eclecticism – which bears a striking resemblence to the scientific method, and is, in fact, western physical science's true spiritual counterpart – and the constant personal change and growth it engenders, is indicative of Wicca and any other truly living religious tradition...

Via Esra Free @ The Witch's Ground

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