Monday, December 4, 2006

Church severs tie with branch over pagans

The Gathering chastised for getting too close to witches

I guess the Foursquare Evangelical Church thought Paster Phil Wyman's Pagan outreach efforts were a little too much in the 'going native' department:

"...The trouble began two years ago, Wyman said, when he inadvertently posed for a photo on the Essex Street pedestrian mall with a woman calling herself the “Countess Bathoria,” who had stirred up controversy by appearing in a promotional poster for a vampire ball wearing a bikini and covered in blood. She was being paraded around by two local witches that day when Wyman said he went over to greet them and was photographed as he bent down to kiss the woman’s ring...The photo made its way to the Web site of a local pagan event, The Festival of the Dead, and was seen months later by church leaders, Wyman said..."

Thanx to Angeleternyti for this one.

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