Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Carolyn Porco--Planetary Scientist!

Carolyn Porco 'doing the carl sagan thing'

The creatrix behind toomanytribbles made a meaningful contribution to the Carl Sagan Blog-a-thon. She now introduces us to Carolyn Porco, and her lecture at the Beyond Belief Conference:

dr. porco is a renowned planetary scientist, an imaging scientist for NASA and the leader for the cassini science imaging team, a truly inspiring speaker on science and spirituality. the conference, she addressed the subjects of religion and the existence of god, life, death, and the meaning we can find in both -- especially the importance our fear of death and how it may lead some of us to believe in the supernatural. her views on how we can replace this fear, especially in children, with a sense of wonder and one-ness with the cosmos, was, i believe, one of the best points in her presentation.

Catch a buzz from Sagan's stashbag! Expand your mind! You can download Session 3 of Carolyn's presentation.

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