Wednesday, May 30, 2007

NY Post insults Wiccan Veterans

How does a right-wing propagandist rag--that passes itself off as a newspaper--mark the veteran's victory in the Pentacle Quest? With typical right-wing idiocy, that's how. I could just imagine what would happen if they pulled such a stunt on a mainstream religion! It's a sobering reminder that intolerance is alive and well and we still have a long way to go.

It goes without saying I don't read the NY Post, so I sure won't link to it. But the article that accompanies the insulting picture is just the straight-up AP article. I want to thank Democratic Underground. They have some good comments on it there.


green_ghost113 said...

That is so outrageously insulting. Leave it to the main stream media to publish such ignorant, bigoted, and hateful untruths.
Come on! Warlock? Duh. And how they have the pentacle placed. What an ignorant boob.
Do these writers actually have Journalism degrees? What happened to fact checking? Is that no longer relevant in "reporting"?
But in this case I'm sure that they most assuredly do know that they are manipulating the truth to obtain ugly reactions from the 'masses' of NY Post Readers.

genexs said...

Yeah. Plain and simple it was meant to demonize Wiccans. What seems odd for a right-wing mag is that they'd also gleefully insult veterans in the process. I suppose that means they view us as serious threats!