Thursday, May 10, 2007

Great bedside manner!

A Crusade and a Holy War in the US Military

Great Truthout article via CrooksandLiars. David Miller, a disabled vet, was in for a surprise when he checked in to the VA for a medical evaluation:

...An Orthodox Jew and former petty officer in the US Navy said his civil rights were violated after a chaplain and officials at a Veterans Administration hospital in Iowa City, Iowa, tried to convert him to Christianity while he was under the VA's care..."My doctor said that since I am a religious Jew, I should try prayer or meditation to deal with the pain," Miller said. "I was shocked that a medical doctor would make such a suggestion. I immediately raised hell and was assigned a new physician...The first two visits by the Protestant (Assembly of God) chaplain were all about trying to convert me, trying to convince me that I needed Jesus, that Jesus was the Messiah of the Jews too," Miller said...

Imagine being in a hospital, sick and in need of care. Then someone comes in and gives you the idea you'd get better care if you believed in God the way they did! Kinda reminds me of the Inquisition, where Jews were given the option of conversion or death. My, how things have changed!

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