Monday, May 21, 2007

Teen Witches, at last!

Witchcraft casts spell on young: It's the feminist-friendly religion, claim its growing number of adherents.

I've known a number Xtain gays and lesbians who have struggled madly to keep faith with a religion that seems to despise them. Usually this involves spending a huge amount of spiritual energy cultivating immense levels of faith. I suppose an overdose of faith makes hanging out with homophobes, Dominionists, earth-haters, and misogynists, a lot less painful. Then again, searching for guidance in a spiritual text so out of step with modern life that it's in danger of fossilization, would try the patience of Job.

Why bother? Why not at least marginally entertain a belief system that's reflective of your life. The article above is from the Independent, and it points up the rise of Wicca, Witchcraft, and Neo-Paganism among teens:

...According to Professor Cush's report, based on interviews with witches aged 18 to 24, it is the attitude to women that most attracts them: "Paganism and witchcraft appealed because of their clear feminist credentials and absence of homophobia. A main attraction is the positive valuation of women in comparison with other religions..."

Over at WildHunt, there's an excellent post concerning this article, along with discussion of others noting the growing rise of Neo-Pagan religions. About our growing numbers, a good point is made:

...These newcomers aren't merely overzealous "Buffy" fans (as some claim), but are making serious considerations about their religious path. This seems to back up claims that Wicca, and modern Paganism in general, will continue to grow at a healthy rate and will soon become a faith category impossible to ignore within the mainstream...

Darn! I liked being a weird minority!


Dr. Zaius said...

Has anybody interviewed Sabrina the Teenage Witch about this?

genexs said...

I don't think so. Sadly, the only one ever seems to open her mouth on such issues is Fiona Horn. :(