Saturday, June 2, 2007

Liberty U Student hits Big Time

Virginia: Liberty University Student Held

It's pathetic how the MSM is ignoring this story. At the risk of pointing up the obvious, if he was Muslim, I'm sure the media would be all over him. But since he's an Absolutist Xtian attending a Dominionist University, he gets a free pass. But not from this judge:

...Troubled by testimony showing support for Nazis, gang connections and plans for violence, a federal judge ordered a Liberty University student held without bond on a charge of possessing a napalmlike bomb...


TheMoonlitSea said...

love the pic!
yes it is a wonder why this guy isn't a "plotter conspiring" to do something...

genexs said...

Yeah. Julian Beck had terminal cancer , and actually used his illness to add more affect to the character of Rev. Kane. He's almost as frightening
as Rev. Phelps! :)

Speaking of Phelps, have you ever seen him or his daughter spouting off? They'll make your skin crawl!
The fanatical Xtain right has been terrorizing us for years.