Thursday, March 22, 2007

Smudge Stick: In case of President, break glass!

The president doesn't have bodily materialize in your vicinity to contaminate it. Due to his vast powers, he--and even some of his minions--can desecrate huge swaths of land through a process of visualization. (Scientist are searching for a logical explanation for this. So far, they are attributing these destructive forces to particles of 'Neoconservatism". Like photons of light, such particles seem to have properties of both particles and waves.)

Unfortunately, the Goddess cannot manifest in all areas of presidential desecrations; her powers must be reserved for the most serious violations. So, what are we to do if our neighborhood is invaded? Fortunately, scientists have determined that Neconservative particles have an affinity for the smoke of burning sage.

All you have to do is learn to smudge!

Smudge sticks--bundles of sage leaves and branches, tied with twine--can be purchased from many health food stores or just about any shop focusing on alternative religion. Not only that, sage is easy to grow, so you can make your own. (It's a cold-hardy plant, although I have found young plants need a little TLC to get them thru their first winter in cold climates.) In an emergency, you can even use dried sage leaves found in the spice aisle of your local grocery store (If using loose leaves, censor charcoal will help it burn.)

You don't have to be a coven initiate, follower of a American Indian spiritual path, or long term Wiccan/Pagan, to smudge. Smudging does not have to involve special incantations or ceremonies. In fact, merely burning of any type of incense is often considered a form of smudging.

Here some links with good information on smudging:

Asunam A good article explaining the American Indian tradition and other herbs in addition to sage you can use.

Crystalinks Another good article, with more 'how to' and safety information.

Sacred-Texts Still more good content.

I've never done any business with Blossom Farms, but they have some cool stuff and seem to know what they are doing. They sell nice smudge sticks/wands and even smudging kits--a great thing to have on hand for an emergency of Presidential proportions!

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