Saturday, March 3, 2007

Pentacle strikes back!

Army Secretary Ousted: Second Firing Follows Walter Reed Revelations...

Remember fallen soldier Patrick Stewart, and the continuing fight of his widow to get a pentacle affixed to his memorial! For some non-Wiccans/Pagans, this may have seemed a small issue. On the other hand, even some people on the more conservative side of things--who frequently have not been our allies--lent their support.

Who can think of a better administration for this whole Veterans Affairs/ Walter Reed issue to have exploded under? After all the screaming of "SUPPORT THE TROOPS"! What hypocrites!

If the VA lets a good chunk of our wounded suffer in squalor and neglect, would they ever give a damn about the spiritual feeling of one of their fallen? Nice to know they would perpetrate their neglect and abuse beyond death. I just have a feeling, whoever has been stopping approval of the Pentacle, is soon to be out of a job.

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