Thursday, March 15, 2007

Proof the Goddess Exists!

A Treasury of Brazilian Anti-Bush Protest Pix
Security cam snaps pic of Goddess, simultaneously proving her existence and disproving patriarchal religions.

This act of Divine intervention was stopped by Brazilian security forces, allowing President Bush to complete his ritual pollution of sacred Mayan sites. Witches and scientists are studying digitally enhanced photos of the pictographs inscribed on her sacred body. After very close study, I feel these are sigils of protection which we can use to ward off future presidential attacks.

Thanx to Wonkette for this earth-shaking story


Anonymous said...

HUZZAH th'Goddess! Mmmm, Methinks th'writin' on her butt says, "Worship lesbian Pirate Queens". ;)

deborahoak said...

thank you. the goddess is alive and magic is a breast.

helensotiriadis said...


genexs said...


In my next life, maybe I can come back as her blanket!

genexs said...

She sorta looks like a winged Isis! I bet she'd make a sweet witch bottle! Heh!

genexs said...