Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vigil for Victims of Knoxville Shooting (Updated)

Yvonne says:

...If anyone wants to send condolences, you can do so at this special blog set up by the Unitarian Universalist Association...

Thanx, Yvonne. People from across the spiritual spectrum are holding vigils. Our coven will be participating this weekend. Check the UUA link above for more information and find out ways to help.

(Update--There's now a relief fund setup for the victims: Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Association Launches Relief Fund. Thanx again, Yvonne.)


Anonymous said...

This is such a tragedy. Glad to know people are coming together.

Years ago, i went to a church where this happened. It was a Metropolitan Community Church congregation but we met in an UU building. During a service, someone shot at the big glass windows. No serious damage and no one was injured, but it really rattled everyone's nerves. No one was ever caught, and I'm sure it was because we were all gay.

Yewtree said...

Hi Genexs, Riverwolf - it is wonderful how everyone is coming together to show solidarity with the UUs.

Livia asked if there was a relief fund for the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church.

There is: Unitarian Universalist Association Launches Knoxville Relief Fund

It will be used to provide spiritual care and practical financial assistance to those affected by the tragedy in Knoxville, Tennessee.

genexs said...


Thanx for telling us about that. What a frightening experience! I can't help worrying that more things like this might start happening. We really have to stick together and support the our community.