Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hitchens gets Waterboarded!

Hitchens get Waterboarded: Believe me, it's Torture

When I saw this item over at CrooksandLiars, I thought "Oh no, the Dominionists got hold of him!". I mean, all us Pagans would ever have done was slip some shrooms in his tomato sauce! Heh. But seriously, this makes for some intense reading.


Yewtree said...

Wow, that was extreme journalism. Hats off to Hitchens (and I wouldn't really say that in any other context!)

genexs said...

Yeah. His pro-war/neo-con stuff has been pretty bad, racisit, and terribly wrong. Some rather vocal Atheists think their religion (heh!) imparts some sort of Spock-like omniscience. Hitchens is a good poster boy for how silly that attitude is. But his article was a good piece of journalism, and brave at that!