Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The God Plant

Long-Term Benefit Found in Drug from 'Magic Mushrooms'

Tripping on psychoactive 'shrooms appears to impart long term benefits in the form of sage-like calm. At least this was the outcome on a recent group of test subjects. A number reported that the experience was the most intensely spiritual experience they every had. One humorous bit from the article:

...Griffiths also said that despite the spiritual characteristics reported for the drug experiences, the study says nothing about whether God exists...``Is this God in a pill? Absolutely not,'' he said...

Uh, I got news for you Doc... :) In the 60's and 70's, a number of researchers were carrying out such investigations. But the work was abandoned when the nation spiraled into a decade long anti-drug hysteria and the consequent "War on Drugs". In addition, our Xtain nation has always been suspicious of anything that can cultivate a spiritual experience, unless it comes from being brainwashed with the bible.


Livia Indica said...

Maybe this is a sign of dicriminalization to come.

Yewtree said...

Did they see the Machine Elves? ;)

genexs said...

Hi livia:

I hope so! At the very least, pot should be decriminalized.

genexs said...

hi yvonne:

Now I know what Machine Elves are! :)
But I kinda feel left-out as I never burst thru the wheel-within-wheel/ cornucopia/chrysanthemum thing. I've seen it, but never gotten through it.