Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Goddess Isis: Unfit Mother!!!

Over at memeton blog, the always interesting Yvonne posted about an article, "There's nothing magical about fathers", which deals with Lesbian households. Yvonne contributed her thoughts about the 'nuclear family', which generated some discussion in the Comments section. I agreed about the silliness demonizing such family structures:

...But I don't believe the nuclear family is that recent of a development. It's ironic that the definition of a 'nuclear family' can also include a single parent and child, the parent almost always being the mother. So when dominionist Xtains pick on single parents, they are denigrating the nuclear family. Isis raised Horus for a good bit on her own, and he turned out alright. :)

I get the feeling Yvonne enjoyed my take on Isis, and she put together a hysterical post:

Ancient Tabloid Frenzy: Queen Isis in Single Mother Row

Please check it out for yourself, but one of the high points for me was, "...A spokesbeing for the government said, "We are concerned about the absence of a positive male role model for the boy. His uncle Set is currently standing trial for murder, and Isis has been seen to be accompanied by Sekhmet, who is known to have had violent episodes, and Ishtar Kilili, who was last week arrested for soliciting..."

Heh! Thanx, Yvonne. But here's a few juicy tidbits I can add to help the powers that be determine the parenting abilities of Isis:

First off, she has often been seen in the company of other men besides her husband Osiris, namely Ptah, an elitist artist, and Sarapis--a foreigner! Besides these questionable associations, she is often seen in the company of her adulterous sister, Nephyths. The fact this adultery involved Isis's husband Osiris should come as no surprise. But what will shock even the most jaded among us is the fact that Isis forgave her sister, and even adopted her sister's love child. Besides her rage-aholic gal-pal Sekhmet, Isis's posse includes scorpions and poisonous snakes! As she is also purported to be "the wisest of magicians", she should be considered armed and dangerous. Her whereabouts are currently unknown, but it's reported she is hiding out with her unfortunate son Horus in a crocodile infested swamp.


Livia Indica said...

Shit, that's funny!

Yewtree said...

Yes my post was indeed inspired by your comment :)

Heheh, so Isis is one funky lady. Just goes to show that the Pagan ethos is more inclusive than some...

genexs said...


Livia, yeah, in addition the Romans made a real soap opera out of the Isis myth.

Yvonne, thanx I'm really flattered that my rantings inspired your post. It was funny and well written.