Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Antkythera Mechanism keeps rocking

Discovering How Greeks Computed In 100 B.C.

More and more is being deciphered about the amazing 'Antkythera Mechanism':

...After a closer examination of a surviving marvel of ancient Greek technology known as the Antikythera Mechanism, scientists have found that the device not only predicted solar eclipses but also organized the calendar in the four-year cycles of the Olympiad, forerunner of the modern Olympic Games...Only now, applying high-resolution imaging systems and three-dimensional X-ray tomography, have experts been able to decipher inscriptions and reconstruct functions of the bronze gears on the mechanism. The latest research has revealed details of dials on the instrument’s back side, including the names of all 12 months of an ancient calendar...

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Yewtree said...

Brilliant! It's fascinating, the Antikythera mechanism.