Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Let's play 'Kill Hypatia'

Christian group resists local occult movement

Owners of the 'Mystic Eye' in Tupelo, Mississippi, are feeling that special flavor of Xtian love:

...members of the Knights of Columbus...a Catholic fraternal benefit and service society, discovered a Tupelo store that deals in occult books and magic supplies. Dave Palladino, one of the men, said the group felt compelled to act..."We want to let people know it's there, and it's dangerous," he said. "It's just so easy to turn our backs on certain things. I see that apathy as such a danger...."

Seems the bible-thumpers called in some special preacher to hold a seminar on the evils of Paganism and turning away from the scriptures.

Thanx to Witchvox for the tip. MoonBaby, from Mississippi, one of the posters over at Witchvox made some good comments:

...I live 20 minutes north of where the Mystic Eye is located. Unfortunately this mentality is what we have to deal with here. It is not easy trying to raise healthy pagan kids when what you teach is being counteracted even our public schools. I feel this issue is important for all pagans, and I also appreciate the support you all have shown to the Mystic Eye and our area...Please everyone keep the letters coming and please keep writing the author of the Tupelo Daily Journal...the only way we are going to be able to change anything is by showing a united front!...

What a great idea! Here's the usual suspects:

Managing Editor:

Editorial Page Editor:

Religion Editor (the one who wrote the piece):

And here's a msg from the Owners of the Mystic Eye:

There is a small group gathering at the store Monday 26, who plan to "visit" this nice catholic group during their "meeting". We know how much you love our store, but more so, how much you all love the right to worship and believe as YOU see fit- NOT AS THOSE IN POWER WOULD HAVE YOU TO BELIEVE. So please, come show your support! Let's stand up for our religious (or non-religious) rites. We DO have rights. But if we don't stand up for them... they will not do us any good, and we'll all have to go into hiding again - RIGHT WHERE THEY WANT YOU TO BE....

I'll UPDATE soon...


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Here is the phone number of Chris Crotty:
(207)542-4146 x338

I'm hoping a little education goes a
long way.

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