Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Slaves of Hatshepsut

Sista Serpentine: Hatshepsut

Sista Serpentine said:

...Last night I had a dream that I was in a museum...When we came to this particular statue/throne/alter/whatever it was, I threw myself onto the floor, crying and prostrating myself in front of this thing... In love, fear, reverence...Suddenly the room went black, everyone disappeared and the statue suddenly stood up and revealed herself to me... It was Hatshepsut... She was telling me that I was her only servant and that I would always have her protection...

Hatshepsut--you BITCH! Those are the same lines you told me! I was suppose to be your only servant. I was to have your protection forever. I can't believe I fell for such lame pic-up lines. I feel so cheap and used. I'm sure all the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt now think I'm 'easy'! What next, my phone number chiseled in a burial chamber, "For a good time call..."?

Hatshepsut, who is this interloper, Sista Serpentine? Did she leave offerings at your feet in the museum like I did. Did she prostrate herself before you, showering your cold marble feet with kisses? Did she get kicked out of the museum by security, again again, and again?

Well, I suppose us mortals are always the last ones to find out. I guess all we can aspire to is being galley slaves in your solar barque:

Antiquity News from Egypt Magazine - February/March 2007

...Pottery dating to the early 18th Dynasty was found with the oars and they may have been used on ships of the Queen Hatshepsut's famous expedition to Punt, which is described in bas-relief inscriptions in her temple at Deir el-Bahri...

3,500 years after the her expedition to Punt, Hatshepsut's adventure is still making news. Myrrh, which Hatshepsut loved, was a major goal of the trip. There's a rumor going around that the mummy of "The Queen who became a God" has been identified. It seems there will soon be news about that.

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