Sunday, February 4, 2007 VS Rush Limbaugh

Once again, that Vicoden-hopped, Viagra quaffing bully Rush Limbaugh makes a complete ass of himself :

Global Warming is a Religion

It makes for some hysterical reading. Most of the reasoning (heh) about what science is and does is borrowed from Creationist mumbo-jumbo. It's funny to read, but this gem is priceless:

...remember last year's hurricane season? Starting on June 1st, the Drive-Bys had their cameras out there on the beaches of Florida and in New Orleans waiting for the next Katrina to come along and wipe us all out. The apocalypse. They said because of global warming it's going to get worse and worse and worse. We had no hurricanes to speak of in the United States last year...

That nonsense comes from his Feb 2 show. So, on Feb 3r and 4th from The Weather Channel we have:

Fla. Faces Daunting Recovery From Storms

...President Bush designated four central Florida counties as disaster areas, releasing millions of dollars in aid as residents began recovering from tornados that ripped through the region, leaving at least 20 people dead...

When Dominionists like Rush Limbaugh spout their disinformantion, and it gets proved so terribly wrong, who pays the price? Does he lose listeners? You'd think so, but evidently not. We and this planet are the ones paying the price.

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