Monday, February 25, 2008

Sorry, been sic and away a bit...

I just want to let my friends know I've been super busy lately, an that's why I've fallen behind in posting. Also, I caught the darn flu...seems I'm one of the 60% who got no protection from the flu shot! Anyway:

Had a great Esbat where we got to see the Lunar Eclipse, using my Astroscan. It was fun getting people outside (even thought it was very cold) after the ritual to check-out the moon through my telescope. Science and Wicca do indeed mix! :)

Had some progress on getting a couple of Atheists to attend a ritual or sabbat! A partner of one of our members knows an Atheist couple and they've expressed an interest in at least seeing WIITWD. How exciting!

I recently had my Dedication ritual. This was my first one. Wow! As things are panning out, it looks like I might be initiated into the Coven sometime soon. I'm very flattered about the whole thing. As I started out as a Solitary, I never really pictured myself doing coven work. But I am lucky in that I met a real cool bunch of people. Isis and the Dark Goddess have been very good to me, and I am lucky to have found such a great High Priestess who always encourages me, challenges me, and is tolerant of the times I screw-up. In addition, our little group here in the New Paltz area has some great people--getting to know them and do ritual with them has been a fantastic experience.

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