Friday, February 29, 2008

Hand of Homeland Security snares Wiccan

Athame's, Airlines and California State Law

Lydia Crabtree was coming home from a NeoPagan convention had a nasty experience why passing through the airport:

...As I waited for my luggage to pass through, I am approached by a TSA agent who asks if I have anything metal in my suitcase. I said, "Not that I can think of." He unzipped my bag and I got a glimpse of my ritual box, my heart sank. From my box he pulls out my athame looking at it with surprise and curiosity...

When Lydia tries to explain what the dagger is for, she's in for some real fun. She says the item is for ritual purposes. She tries to explain what Wicca is:

"...Wicca. It is a federally recognized religion. I just came from a convention with over 3,000 others who have a similar belief system as I do and more than likely travel with their athames."

The response from our patriotic TSA employee:

"...We will be looking for them then and they will be detained too...

Check out the link above and read the whole story.

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