Thursday, February 28, 2008

Make'em pay!

School Board to Pay in Jesus Prayer Suit

Nothing hurts a fundamentalist packed school board more than having to pay for their endless bible thumping:

...A Delaware school district has agreed to revise its policies on religion as part of a settlement with two Jewish families who had sued over the pervasiveness of Christian prayer and other religious activities in the schools...

It all started when a local Jewish family got fed-up of having to listen fire & brimstone toned prayers at just about every school board or town meeting. The breaking point came for Mona Dobrich at her daughter Samantha's graduation, when a preacher proclaimed the only way to salvation was through Jesus. Mona asked the school board if maybe some less strident and exclusionary prayers might be in order. Community reaction was swift--and typically Xtain:

...As news of the request spread...Anger spilled onto talk radio, in letters to the editor and at school board meetings attended by hundreds of people carrying signs praising Jesus...

Ah, such heart-warming displays of Lamb-O-God mercy. But news of the recent settlement has rekindled the effort to bring back the BurningTimes:

...On local blogs, the anger many people felt toward the families for protesting Christian prayer at school events has flared anew...Mona Dobrich...said such a furious reaction had exacted a profound toll on her family and might indicate that the settlement would alter little on the ground...

In the face of threats, the family has had to flee. So mote it be.

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