Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What is Christopher Hitchens smoking?

We know what Carl Sagan smoked. It's interesting the so-called 'evil weed' had nothing but a good effect on the gentle scientist. But whatever un-Godly concoction Chris Hitchens must torch-up (a crack-meth-DMT combo, perhaps?) has finally killed too many brain cells. Chet Scoville does an excellent job deconstructing Hitchen's latest racist, sexist, religion-bashing, war mongering screed published in the Slate:

...This is the thing that annoys me the most about Hitchens: he's at this point almost nothing but a parrot of the right's talking points. Even his atheist polemics are, as often as not, in the service of some kind of lunatic imperialistic agenda. He gives talks and attends events sponsored by the likes of David Horowitz, and defends his old pal Ahmed Chalabi. He has no sense of social class, and almost no economics. Yet he still fancies himself a leftist, and even a Marxist. He clearly considers himself an important thinker. He's not. He's the crudest sort of right-wing hack, and he doesn't even realize it...

Chet provides some interesting links documenting other Hitchen's foibles, such as the time he called the Dixie Chicks "...fat fucking slags" for having the audacity to question the Iraq War. Well, I suppose it's no matter that the Dixie Chicks were right all along. It's strange how somebody who claims to be an atheist can come-off sounding like a bible thumping Dominionist. Well, maybe not that strange.

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