Saturday, January 12, 2008

Krater flies home

Ciao to a Met Prize Returning to Italy
The other day I posted about the return of two Greek acroliths that had been acquired under dubious circumstances. Now another antiquity is returning home, this time one of considerable fame:

...In the coda to a long tug of war, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is bidding goodbye to the Euphronios krater, a 2,500-year-old vessel that has been a showpiece of its collection for more than three decades. Sunday is the last viewing day...

The Krater was prominently displayed at the MET, and had been a icon for art history students and Pagans for years. Just as life imitates myth depicted by acroliths, the Krater has the speedy messenger God Hermes depicted on one side. So the Krater returns home in good hands.

(Image from AncientWorlds, which has a good article on the Krater.)

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