Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Welcome to America (*UPDATED*)

Potter Creator Tells Of Religious Fanatic's Attack

JK Rowlling was accosted by Xtain fundy recently while out with her children. She found the encounter unnerving:

"...The next thing, a man came up to me and said, 'Aren't you that Potter woman?' Then he brought his face close to me and said, very aggressively, 'I pray for you every evening.' "...I was stunned. It was very frightening..."

That's pretty mild by Bible thumper standards. Here in the US, where religious tolerance is suppose to be a virtue and wired into our Constitution, you get use to such in-your-face tactics when you're not among the Chosen.

I have to admit that lines like "I pray for you every evening" always makes me cringe. I can't help feeling they really mean "I hope Jesus gives me a ring-side seat so I can watch you burn in hell." We need a snappy comeback to such condescending dribble. Here's some suggestions:

1)"I saw your future in the chicken entrails last night. Don't worry, people with short lives usually die happy."

2)"Thanx, but where's the neighborhood abortion clinic? I have to render some baby fat for my flying potion."

3)"Instead of wasting time on my soul, don't you have gay nightclubs to bomb or something?"

4)"Pray for me? I ate the liver of the last person who prayed for me with fava beans and a fine Chianti."

These are just a few suggestions. Have fun with the whole family thinking of more!


LiviaIndica adds a good one:

5)"If you want to pray for me you've got a pray to a different god."

(thanx to Witchvox for this)


Livia Indica said...

"I pray for you" is so unoriginal too. I bet that guy who scared Rollings hadn't even read the books, or many books at all for that matter. Here's another comeback: If you want to pray for me you've got a pray to a different god.

genexs said...


That's a good one. Think I'll add it to the list. To the question "Do you believe in God?" a friend use to answer "Not the way you do." Heh!