Saturday, September 1, 2007

Goodnight, wise Beerhunter

The great Micheal Jackson (aka: The Beerhunter) has passed on to SummerIsle. Most people came to know Mr. Jackson through his excellent "The Beer Hunter" series, aired on PBS. Through him, we learned about Belgium Lambic beer, created by brewers who practically worship spiders as gods. What could be cooler than that!!! :)

The link above is from a beer site. Lots of people are commenting on the passing of this great fellow. If you wish to find out about the man, you'll get a much better idea there, than from any MSM news outlet.

I was fortunate enough to actually attend a beer tasting with Mr. Jackson. During the tasting (we sampled and rated about 10 beers..burp!), he captivated us with his encyclopedic knowledge of beer, brewing and history. Near the end of the tasting, when all of us were well in the embrace of Bacchus (heh), he started to spin a rather long story. Eventually, he got so off topic, his main point seemed to escape him. "Well, I digress," He said, "But digression is one of the finer points of beer tasting." The entire audience erupted in laughter and applause.

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