Saturday, September 8, 2007

Didge freaks-out Bush

Welcome to the Dreamtime

It figures that the sounds of the Earth would strike the fear of God in Bush.

It appears our xenophobic president was frightened by the sounds didgeradoos and clapsticks, as well as by the appearance of the Yolngu people of Arhnern Land:

"...The meeting took place at the Australian National Maritime Museum on Darling Harbour against a background of 80 spectacular bark paintings featuring snakes, crocodiles, fish, turtles and birds..."It is very important for us to have our own rights", Djambawa Marawili, an elder from Blue Mud Bay, told a slightly puzzled President. Mr Bush politely nodded in vigorous agreement as he wondered what would happen next...But the sound of boomerangs being suddenly clapped together made the Secret Service nervous..."

It's sometimes risky for a business to take a political stand, so I want to send out a shout-out to LA Outback. They sent the above item out in their newsletter. A short while ago I purchased an awesome eucalyptus Didge from them. I had 'no worries', as the owner of this shop played different instruments over the phone for me to help with my selection.

Whatever the Yulongu people did to Bush, it seemed to work. Afterwards, he was plagued by hysterical and embarrassing missteps throughout his visit. I know what I'm doing---I'm purchasing a pair of clapsticks!


Risky Gal said...

LOL! Let's all get some clapsticks.

genexs said...

Just got a UPS note that may clapsticks are on the way! :)

Thanx for commenting.