Sunday, July 19, 2009

Amazon, or the Ministry of Truth

Amazon Erases Orwell Books From Kindle

The ironies here are obvious. Of all "books" for Amazon to erase from Kindle, it's ones by George Orwell! All I can say is thanx, George, for showing how stupid it is to buy into such a dubious vehicle for the printed word. The old ways are best, folks. Stick with the printed word. At least when they want to burn your books, they gotta go through the trouble of breaking your door down, not just click an menu selection:

...In a move that angered customers and generated waves of online pique, Amazon remotely deleted some digital editions of the books from the Kindle devices of readers who had bought them...Digital books bought for the Kindle are sent to it over a wireless network. Amazon can also use that network to synchronize electronic books between devices — and apparently to make them vanish.

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