Friday, April 11, 2008

Important Salem Wiccan Discussion

The Wiccan way: No Place for Hate Committee to host panel discussion

Panel discussion on Wicca in Salem co-hosted by Margo Adler:

Salem - The city of Salem’s No Place for Hate Committee will host a panel discussion on April 12 that will focus on practices within the Wiccan faith and the everyday lifestyles of those practicing paganism. Margo Adler (author of "Drawing Down the Moon) will be cohosting a panel discussion on Wicca in Salem...The objective of the event is to inform those in attendance about the religion, lifestyle and culture of those who practice Wicca while also touching on the history and its distinction within the Salem community...

A number of important Wiccan people will be there. Such forms of outreach are very important, as certain groups of people still perpetrate disinformation about Wicca. I'm having a good discussion about Wicca with some Atheists over at MoJoey's blog, in the comments section.


green_ghost113 said...

Great dialogue! Interesting points brought up on both sides.
Really enjoyed your humor and intelligent presentation of a very misunderstood religion.

Mojoey said...

Just in case I forget again. I wanted to drop you a note to say the comment thread you mention is one of the best ever on my blog. Thanks for taking the time to post. I really enjoyed it.