Friday, April 18, 2008

Hypatia's words to live by

Jason over at WildHunt points us to a great article about Hypatia in a Australian zine. There's a great quote from Hypatia in it:

"Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all,"

That pretty much sums up the difference between pagan spirituality and the 'faith based' world of the Abrahamic religions. It's bad enough there's religions that claims that thinking is a bad thing, but worse yet is that they claim you'll be punished for thinking wrongly! Oh, now I get it. Best not to think at all and avoid the risk. Faith based religions are just so ready for the dust bin.

The article, by Jane Baker, is entitled "Webs, Weeds & Wisdom: Reserve your right to think" It's an excellent article, but what I love most is her intro to her discussion on Hypatia:

"...Let me tell you about someone who should shine as a beacon for truth down the centuries from way back in the early fifth century AD. Her name was Hypatia..."

I'm going to leave it there. Please do yourself a favor and read Jane's article. Like other Neo-Pagans, I believe we are seeing the rise of Hypatia to becoming something of Patron Saint for us. Now that there's a movie coming out about her, it sure seems the God and Goddess wish to bring her alive in our minds again.

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