Thursday, July 26, 2007

We need more like this!


Here's an excellent article, by Steve Matrazzo for the Dundalk Eagle, in Dundalk, Md. You don't expect fair and open-minded articles like this, coming from small home town papers. This is certainly is a refreshing change from the "Something Wicca this way comes..." pieces we see spun from the school of bad writing. It helps that the writer focused on a High Priestess, Rev. Pami Griffith, who is funny and plain-spoken. When speaking about going skyclade in rituals:

“...Sexual morality is man-made. We celebrate our bodies,” she says. Still, she doesn’t practice what Wiccans call “sky-clad,” or nude, worship. “Trust me, you don’t want to see me naked!” jokes the zaftig 50-ish priestess...

When explaining how spells are utilized:

“...It’s not turning stuff into other stuff or putting curses on people. It’s influencing the universe to bring about things we hope for,” she says. “It’s just prayer.” She says people cast spells without knowing. “Ever sing, ‘Rain, rain, go away,’ or make a wish when blowing out candles?” she asks. “Know it or not, you’re casting a spell, or trying to....”

Wow! I'm putting that "Rain, Rain..." spell in my Mirror Book! Heh!

We also get a brief walk-through of a Wiccan ritual, which will be good for those who are curious. This piece is well rounded, brief, humorous and informative. It's a great read for anyone wondering what Wicca is about. Why not write the editor, and let him or her know that you liked the article:

You can also address 'letters to the editor' at that addy.

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