Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Garta: Weapon of Mythic Destruction

Rumors of Strange Creatures Abound in Basrah: Sightings Spread Horror, Conpiracy Theories Among Locals

...The animal is known locally as the Garta or ‘the muncher,’ and mothers in Basrah used to tell scary stories about the Garta to their children so they would not wander out alone at night. Old families in Basrah believe the animal brings bad luck because it is mostly found in cemeteries at night. The unusual phenomenon, however, is their sudden appearance in large numbers near the city and their increasingly aggressive behavior...

Since US and British forces have pretty much destroyed their country, it's no leap of logic who is getting the blame:

...The rumors led people to indulge in conspiracy theories, speculating that U.S. or British forces have dropped large numbers of this animal, or its “eggs,” around Basrah in order to spread chaos and instability, while others say the animal crossed over from neighboring Iran through the marshes...

Great! Maybe the Mythic creatures can fight the mythic terrorists.

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