Monday, November 20, 2006

Welcome all Witches and Scientists

During the Burning Times, scientists were persecuted along with those who practiced the "Old Religion". Fanatics viewed anyone different as being in league with "Satan".

How we act, treat each other, and treat the earth, defines our spirituality. What a modern NeoPagan actually does in life is more important than what they believe. We are not obsessed with the minutia of doctrine or slavish adherence to ceremony. Many Wiccans and Neo Pagans embrace science, and have a strong interest in the natural world. This is only natural, as the cycles of nature figure so prominently in their spirituality. Wiccans have no problem with Darwin, or understanding the facts about the devastating effects of Global Warming.

In fact, the denial of such knowledge is seen as a direct attack on the Goddess (aka: Mother Nature). Modern fanatics (some call them Absolutists, Dominionists, Authoritarians, or Theocons) target such people as "tree huggers" with their special brand of hate. Conservative radio personalities demonize as 'feminazis' those who embrace the Goddess. I'm reminded of a quote from Margot Adler's landmark book, Drawing Down The Moon, "life celebration is always a threat to those bent on destruction."

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