Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Steve Irwin must be rolling in his grave!

Sarah Palin hosting a wildlife show on the Discovery Channel? When I first heard that, I thought it was something that belonged in the hoax archive at Snopes. But no, it's true.

It's dumbfounding that a network whose programing centers so much on science and the environment would provide a venue for such a polarizing figure, more concerned with spouting falsehoods to cement her "maverick" reputation and double her speaking fees.

As recently pointed out in a stinging commentary by Rachel Maddow (short version and transcript here, extended video here), there's alarming growth in a particular form of political dialog which relies on easily demonstrable falshood. For example, Palin and other opponents of Health Insurance reform have touted "death panels" (no such thing exists) and "a government takeover of health care" In fact, there's nothing even remotely "death panel" in the bill. As to a 'takeover' of heath care'--there's not even a public option in the legislation!

What the hell is going on here? Does the Discovery Channel feel it's too left-leaning in its programming? True, some people out there feel facts have a liberal bias. Maybe we need some shows produced by the Creation Museum?

If you wish to get involved, Defenders of Wildlife and ThePetitionSite have online petitions voicing strong concern about TLC/Discovery Channel's programming.


green_ghost113 said...

Thanks for posting this Gene.
I hope that lots of people go to those petition sites and boycott this ludicrous idea for a show.

The world needs less of Sarah Palin's poison. When it comes to trying to prevent more damage to our already delicate biosphere she is definitely part of the problem.

Mrs. "drill baby drill" with her callous indifference to environmental issues & a distain for science has no place on the Discovery Channel.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the Discovery Channel needs to pay the bills like everyone else and, for better or worse, Sarah Palin will get ratings.

You're absolutely right on this trend in political "dialogue," so to speak. And reporting. Most news outlets now report whatever everyone's talking about, regardless of whether it has any merit or basis in truth. Which is why I no longer watch TV news or even read the newspapers. It's a complete farce. And that's deeply disturbing since I've always worked in journalism.