Monday, May 25, 2009

Burn'em all, let Allah sort them out.

Iran arrests 104 "devil worshippers": report

Now, I'm assuming this warrants the death penalty:

...The Islamic Republic, which bans alcohol and narcotics, last year said it would launch a crackdown on "indecent Western-inspired movements" such as rappers and satanists...

One Inquisitor, er, I mean investigator said:

"... a Guards intelligence unit launched an investigation into the all-male group about one year ago, leading to their arrest Sunday evening..."The group's aim was to promote irreligious behavior," Hamedi, adding they had posted footage of their parties on the Internet."

Damn that Internet!


Livia Indica said...

Hmm, not the best article. It says they outlaw alcohol and narcotics but doesn't say if the "devil worshipers" were imbibing any of those things. It mentions rap and satan worship but doesn't say if they were doing those things either. It only says they were into vampirism. But hey I'm sure that's enough to be considered demonic to anyone still living in the middle ages.

Anonymous said...

This kind of thing is shocking--and yet I remember one of my Christian high school teachers threatening to expel any student caught going to a rock concert. Coincidentally, I had just attended a Prince concert! I told my girlfriend (don't ask!), and it was her father who did the threatening--although she didn't mention my name. The next year, after I graduated, students and parents had to sign a form saying concerts were FORBIDDEN!

genexs said...

There really does seem to be more than a few countries where you'd be asking for major trouble if you sported a pentacle dangling around your neck. I agree the story seems a little confused in this case, the actions seem more an attempt at 'anti-western' behavior, than some form of spiritual repression.

Heh, one day we'll have to compare Xtian school horror stories. But some of my fondest memories are of rock concerts, it's so sad there are those out there who'd want to deny such fun to young people. Not only that, but I have a friend who is a school teacher in public school(I've blogged about some of her experiences before), who has some students from over-the-top Xtain families in her class. They are always causing trouble. Heaven forbid (heh!) she wants to show a movie in class! You can count on them to bring notes from home demanding they be excused from the 'liberal brainwashing'.