Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mythical creature questions authority

A Dirty Pun Tweaks China’s Online Censors

Anyone having any doubt about the power of myth has not met the "grass-mud horse". This mythical creature has caused a sensation in China, presenting a headache for the country's heavy handed internet censors:

...A YouTube children’s song about the beast has drawn nearly 1.4 million viewers. A grass-mud horse cartoon has logged a quarter million more views. A nature documentary on its habits attracted 180,000 more...The grass-mud horse is an example of something that, in China’s authoritarian system, passes as subversive behavior. Conceived as an impish protest against censorship, the foul-named little horse has not merely made government censors look ridiculous, although it has surely done that. It has also raised real questions about China’s ability to stanch the flow of information over the Internet...

Oh Grass Mud Horse, we could have used you during the Bush years!

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for the Chinese. Why oh why do deluded men and dysfunctional government try to control the rest of us? It always fails--eventually.