Friday, November 21, 2008

Deranged Psychopath's rantings likened to Wicca

Mental State of Soldier Questioned

If I don't know where to start on this horrifying mess:

...A Fort Carson soldier and war veteran charged in the murder and sexual assault of a woman in Colorado last month faces accusations that he also raped a 14-year-old girl and sexually assaulted a third woman, an internal Army document states...

It seems that everybody who know this guy was certain he was completely deranged:

...It was common knowledge among his commanding officers and fellow soldiers, the document states, that Specialist Marko, who is being held without bond, believed he was an “alien dinosaur-like creature, and that he would transform from his human form into his Black Raptor form on his 21st birthday — 13 Oct 08...”

Yes, you read that right. He believed he was about to morph into a "Black Raptor", some type of viscous dinosaur, ready to prey on humans. But here comes the punchline in this horrendous story:

"...After joining the Army, his “unusual beliefs” in his Black Raptor alter-ego resulted in his being referred for psychiatric evaluations three times. Ultimately, the beliefs came to be viewed by his mental health evaluators as a religion, of sorts, like Wicca...“...His chain of command all shared concern over his mental state,” the document said. Their understanding from his evaluations...was that “Marko’s delusions represented an alternative belief structure — the equivalent of Wicca or some other alternative religion...”

Yup. That's just like Wicca. You read a Scott Cunningham book, light a candle or two, cast a few circles. Next thing, you're a psychopathic rampaging monster. I think the definition of "spirituality" and "religion" the services must be using needs some work. I just want to know on what planet would it be determined safe to put a gun in this sick person's hands?


Anonymous said...

You know, there are plenty of crazy Christians out there but why doesn't anyone make a big deal out of that?! But whenever those stories DO surface, it's always, "Well, she was just crazy." But if it involves pagans of any sort, it's always the religion that causes the crazy.

genexs said...

What you've said is very true. There's an Atheist blog that pretty good job documenting all the crimes committed my deranged Christians.

If I said I was channeling Ted Bundy (or some other serial killer) and one day I would become him or her and continue the killing spree...would the army Doc say I was just like Wicca? Sheesh.