Thursday, October 9, 2008

it gets worse

Jason over at wild hunt outdoes himself again. Sarah Palin is indeed more of a nightmare than any of us can conceive. Mary Glazier is another mover and shaker in Palin's Dominionist cult:

...Glazier and her prayer warriors claim to have made God blind and give cancer to a Wiccan chaplain. Is this anything but the most malefic of magic? Any Pagan who proudly claimed to have given a Christian cancer, or put out one of the eyes of a Christian, would be rightly shunned and rebuked. Within this community of extremist Christians Glazier and her fellow prayer warriors are lauded as heroes, holy warriors striking a blow against Satan and the "Queen of Heaven"...

Consider the fact that Palin's rallies now resemble hate-fests. As I've said before, I think that behind the Stepford-wife/cheerleader mask lurks a hungry monster eager to absorb more power.


green_ghost113 said...

Things are starting to get really ugly. McCain and Palin have no class whatsoever. And unfortunately there are an amazing number of equally obtuse people in this country.
It is very scary.

Anonymous said...

I think it just shows that whatever you send out into the world comes back to you.

Anonymous said...

I've come to see Sarah Palin as the ultimate litmus test for determining how far people are willing to stretch themselves in order to interpret one thing as another. Most of us do this to one extent or another, on a daily basis. A mother is unlikely to believe that her pre-teen child has stolen something from a department store, even if caught red handed. She doesnt want to believe that her child would steal, and therefore only see's reasons why the store owner and police are wrong. We all give people the benefit of the doubt for different reasons. But sometimes the level of doubt is so slim, that to deny what's happening in front of your eyes becomes an act of denial. This is what happened to millions of people when OJ Simpson was on trial. He was a football hero, and many folks, both black and white, couldnt bare the thought of him having murdered his wife. Not since the OJ trial has there been such an obvious example of peoples willingness to deny what's before them in order to defend a personal position. Is it possible that OJ didn't kill his wife? Yes. Is it probalbe? No. There were dozens of more facts to support his guilt than innocence. Is it possible Sarah Palin is simply misunderstood and has the best interest of the common man? Yes. Is it probalbe? No. There are dozens of examples that prove she lacks character and objective thought. Sarah Palin is clearly not prepared to be the VP of the United States. For those who want to ban legal abortion, believe marriage is for men and women only, or who believe the working poor simply aren't working hard enough, you'll have to pull the lever for the Republican candidate. Even if you know they're unqualified. If you believe the ends justify the means, than by all means make that choice.

genexs said...

g_g113: I'm glad to see the hate-fests getting wide coverage. I remember seeing a video of a Anne Coult*re lecture. It was a crowd of monsters.

Riverwolf: And for the republathug party it's about time.

DaveO'Newburgh: Yes, OJ would have been a more lovable choice than Palin. heh!